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Success Stories

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Jeff & Deborah

You enjoy the vacation, you enjoy the food, you enjoy the whole surroundings, you get healthy and you lose weight and I feel great. I feel great, energy level s were higher, everything is tremendous.


I’m almost sixty six year old and my body is getting very tight and this is definitely helped. I have not been moving my body and now I’ve enjoyed it. I enjoy doing my flexibility class, I love taking walks and ride my bike. I love the pool exercises – I’ve been doing that. I just needed to have all that reintroduced into my life. I’m used to do it years ago and just got lazy basically and now I realize how fun it was – how good it make me feel. I’m not on a diet, I’m just eating good food and my body is going to react to that. I feel great now. I feel like a spring chicken again and it’s only going to get better.


Now, I feel like I’m starting a brand new chapter… I’ve learn for the first time in my life about eating nutritiously – living a fit lifestyle. I have fun doing it. I have met amazing people that, I mean the staff and that people that you contract with – the nutritionist and the psychologist and yoga teacher and everybody that has anything to do with this program has been just amazing.

Steve & Rosemary

The classes were really helpful. The staff are phenomenal. It wasn’t like a chore, we’ll you needed to work out and that’s great. It was like a holiday, really nice hotel. You guys even add it to the balance so it’s a win-win, it’s a no-fail sort of a program.