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LiVe Well Center Park City

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Optimize your health and prevent diseasses

At the LiVe Well Center Park City, our holistic approach focuses on optimizing your health and preventing diseases. We support the health of the whole person – including physical, nutritional, mental, and social components. Developing a preventive mindset and lifestyle is more valuable than trying to repair symptoms or disease after damage strikes.The LiVe Well Center’s wellness programs for individuals to put you back in charge of your own health. We use a variety of evaluation tools—including blood tests, physical tests, and lifestyle assessments—to gain a complete picture of your current state of health. We then create a customized plan that will give you the education and tools you need to restore or improve your wellness.

You will learn about drug-free treatments for many disorders and will develop a healthy, preventive lifestyle that helps you avoid illness and recover from injuries more quickly.

At Inspire Fit Resorts™ we
take your health serious

The Healthy Lifestyle Evaluation is a service providing a personal wellness snapshot and gets you started towards living longer in good health. You will be evaluated by our medical staff, exercise physiologist and registered dietician.A health risk questionnaire A healthy lifestyle review for Nutrition, Medical History, Fitness, Stress and Sleep, and Personal Habits that create risk A basic biometric and fitness evaluation A scorecard identifying strengths and weaknesses in personal health Resources for self-help and next step options.

Physical and laboratory measures that assess your level of health Cardiopulmonary Assessment Strength and Flexibility Body Composition Blood work analysis

Advanced Wellness Services:

Requesting these additional services can be done upon completion of the Healthy Lifestyle Evaluation and per individual’s requests or needs.

Cardio-metabolic Appraisal and Risk Reduction Joint Health and Exercise Improvement Healthy Nutrition Appraisal & Weight Management Program Sleep Management Appraisal Stress Appraisal and Management Strategies Weight Management Program Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Focus Exercise Performance Plan