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6 Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

December 3, 2014

Whether you want to start your New Years resolution early, maintain your good fitness track record for the year, or simply avoid putting on the extra holiday weight, the rowing machine is the perfect workout for you. Yes you! No matter how old, young, in shape, or out of shape you are, the rowing machine is a great source of exercise for anyone. Here are 6 benefits of using a rowing machine.

1. Muscle Toning

The rowing machine essentially uses every major muscle group in your body. The primary muscles you will use on this machine are your quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteus. However, the rowing machine also targets your hips, shoulders, back, arms and even your core muscles in every rowing motion that you make. Usually rowing machines have a way for you to adjust the resistance, and the tighter the resistance, the more muscle toning your workout will be.

2. Effective Cardio Workout

A rowing machine is also a great way to get in your cardio for the day. In adjusting the tension of the machine, if you workout with a low tension at a high speed, you will engage in aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercise is one of the best things you can do for your body! It increases lung, heart, and circulatory system function.

3. Aids in Weight Loss

This machine burns calories, and fast! On average, a 30-minute workout on a rowing machine can torch about 377 calories for a 185-pound person. Rowing burns about 10 to 15 percent more calories than cycling at the same level of exertion. Here are four killer rowing machine workouts that you can try out.

guy stretching

4. Increases Flexibility and Endurance

You might think that taking a yoga class and training for a marathon is the only way your body can become flexible and gain endurance. However, because rowing uses nearly every muscle and joint in the body, it also contributes to increased flexibility and endurance over time. Because of this, rowers have been given the reputation of being the fittest athletes in the world according to USRowing.

5. Low Impact

Even though the rowing machine is using virtually every major muscle group in your body, it is extremely low impact on your joints and muscles. This is because while you are using the rowing machine, you are sitting down. So it is non-weight bearing. Because of this, there is little room for injury when using the machine as long as it is used properly. The low impact nature of the machine also makes it a friendly and effective work out for people of all ages.

6. Stress Reduction

As with many forms of physical activity, rowing stimulates the pleasure centers located in the brain. Cardio workouts especially increase the amount of endorphins released in the body, which trigger positive feelings. This all leads to a reduction of stress and can even lift feelings of depression!

The rowing machine is a powerful tool that can benefit both your mind and body. It is found in most gyms, though there are usually only a few of them, or you can get one for your home. Here is a link to the best rowing machines available so you can get (or keep) your body in fantastic shape.