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Johanna Quaas: Oldest Gymnast in the World

September 24, 2014

Have you seen what 89-year-old Johanna Quaas can do? The German lady has officially been named the oldest gymnast in the world by the Guiness World Records. It is truly inspiring to watch the experienced gymnast in action. The newest video of the gymnast shows Quass performing a variety of tricks including flips, spins, and planks on the parallel bars. The second video below shows Quaas in 2012, when she first started to get attention from the media. It shows when she competed in a gymnastics competition with a floor routine. The audience was shocked that a woman of that age was still capable of doing things that required such skill and precision. Watch below to be inspired!



Quaas has been active since she was a young girl. She competed for the first time in 1934. In 1945, she became a gymnastics coach. She continued her training of gymnasts and eventually trained other gymnast coaches as well. She co-wrote a gymnast textbook used at a number of German universities. We can learn a thing or two from Johanna Quaas. She shows us that no matter what your situation is, with some motivation, determination, and passion, anything is possible. Here at Inspire Fit Resorts, we help every person to better themselves. With personalized fitness and nutrition plans, we strive to help every person become the person they want to be.