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It's about what you gain!

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It wasn’t like a chore, we’ll you needed to work out and that’s great. It was like a holiday, really nice hotel.

- Steve

Now, I feel like I’m starting a brand new chapter… I’ve learn for the first time in my life about eating nutritiously - living a fit lifestyle. I have fun doing it.

- Anne

I’m almost sixty six year old and my body is getting very very tight and this is definitely helped. I have not been moving my body and now I’ve enjoyed it.

- Gloria

You enjoy the vacation, you enjoy the food, you enjoy the whole surroundings, you get healthy and you lose weight and I feel great. I feel great, everything is tremendous.

- Jeff

Knowing that we are not alone when we go home, I think its a huge key, so you guys even add it to the balance so it’s a win-win, it’s a no-fail sort of a program

- Rosemary




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Are you ready for a lifestyle transformation? In the end we believe it is not about what you lose but what you gain. Our program is designed for long term change and not to lose a few pounds quickly just to gain it back.

In our program you will lose weight but you will get so much more. We will help you to understand nutrition and how to enjoy food yet maintain a healthy intake of nutrients your body needs. You will learn exercises to help maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to stay active. You will be surrounded by non-judgemental friends and staff to support you in your journey to change your thinking and to start living a happier life. Don’t take our word for it, check our success stories page. Real People. Real Results. Period.